Still a new oeuvre-d'art at Landakotsskóli

Gummi in 4th grade just paid homage to the famous 600 years old Van Eyck's painting, "The Arnolfini Marriage", with this drawing in art-class with Louise. 

Do you recognise the painting? 



Það er gaman að vera úti í rigningu

"Það er gaman að vera úti í rigningu" segja Nanna og yngsta stig Landakotsskóla eins og sannaðist á brosunum í frímínútum í morgun.


Nemendur Landakotsskóla eru duglegir að leika sér úti



Happy New Year

Happy New Year from all of us at Landakotsskóli.

Under the guidance of Louise, a group looked at some pictures and a film from New Year's Eve and made some images of fireworks 🎆 in the sky. They used Icelandic wool and wet felted it to make their artworks.  


A group made fireworks out of Icelandic wool under Louise's steady guidance.               



The creative art work at Landakotsskóli