Landakotsskóli's contribution to Children's Festival of Art

On following pictures you can see Landakotsskóli’s contribution to The Children´s Cultural Festival in Reykjavík Art Museum. 

This exhibition is a result of a collaboration between children, teachers, artists and scientists. The 5 years group, 3d, 4th and 7th grades, as well as the international kids, have been given the opportunity to study many aspects of nature and their investigations and artwork are now on display.

LÁN, Listrænt ákall til náttúrunnar, an artistic call to nature, is an interdisciplinary project developed by the Reykjavík School and Leisure Department. It is intended to create a dialogue between science and the arts in children's education. Emphasis is placed on the children having the opportunity to study nature in a creative and innovative way through art and design. The Festival officially opens on Tuesday 20th April and is open until Sunday 25th April.